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Control Room: Deploy... Execute... Monitor...

Control Room is where it all begins – deployment, execution and monitoring processes and Buddies alike! Modern and web-based UI makes journey to automation a fun-filled experience. What more, you can share the processes, manage your tasks assigned by Buddies, thus creating great collaborative environment.

Let me walk you through major features of Control Room:

  • Administration: Control Room allows managing users with access to automations by way of assigning various roles to them controlling what they can access. User can use out-of-the-box available roles or create own custom role per organization requirements. Control Room permits managing licenses to client tools and configuring automation settings.
  • Triggers: Control Room allows users to define triggers to execute automations. Triggers help users execute automation based on one of the conditions:
    • Time – execute a particular time
    • Email – execute when new email arrives
    • File System – execute when specified file related event happens
    Control Room

    Check out more about Triggers

  • Job Queue: Apart from listing the jobs as name suggests, Job Queue in Control Room allows users to decide execution strategy for Buddies. Users can choose whether Buddies could be executed statically on specific smart stations, or dynamically executed on chosen workstation based on the availability. Users can thus better utilize smart stations depending on load.
    • Time – execute a particular time
    • Email – execute when new email arrives
    • File System – execute when specified file related event happens
    Control Room

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  • Forms: Control Room in IntelliBuddies® comes with powerful Form Designer. The user can use Form Designer to define and design forms that are available across enterprise. These forms can then be used in various processes using Process Designer. Control Room

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  • Tasks: Users can define tasks as a part of processes defined in Process Designer. These tasks can either be performed by user or Buddies. Buddies and other users may also assign task to given user. Here is an example. Control Room

    Human task in the above flow is where user intervention will be required, and Control Room will list down all such tasks. Once user attends the task, the job continues its execution.
    Check out more about Tasks

  • Smart Stations: Control Room makes users life easier by providing a very simple yet powerful way to add smart stations to execute automations. These smart stations can be a desktop, server machines or even virtual machines. Once the user adds a smart station to Control Room, it allows the user to assign it for execution of Buddies.

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  • Audit: Control Room audit features allows users to view all the jobs, logs associated with them, statuses. The logs provide chronological information that a given job has gone through. They provide you all the information required to find the problem, if any, with the job and therefore get quick resolution. Control Room

    Control Room acts as a one stop control manager for all your automation needs – ranging from user management to management of automation. It is where realization of automation defined in Process Designer takes place. IntelliBuddies® Control Room is a centralized management portal from where you can easily deploy, assign tasks, schedule, and manage your Buddies.

Manage Buddy

Find your Buddy and audit its business

Manage Processes

Manage all your Buddy tasks in one place

Manage Licenses

Review and assign licenses to your Buddies

Manage Credentials

Store and secure all the credentials used by your Buddy in a vault

Manage Application

Monitor your Buddy on the go!


  • Flexible Management - Modern administration experience will make you enjoy buddy management
  • Deployment Options - On Premises/Your cloud/Our cloud
  • Verbose Logs - Audit everything to the precise
  • Business Insights - Performance Dashboard with powerful real-time analytics