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Profile Sourcing

Business Challenge

The recruitment team in a Software company based in silicon valley of India sources profiles based on the job descriptions. They get requests on a daily basis from different internal departments. They used numerous job portals to search for the profiles. They picked the top profiles from the search from various job portals, consolidated, and sent them back to the respective departments through emails. They had the following challenges in managing their profile sourcing process manually:

  • Every day, for each request, they had to source the profiles from different job portals manually and consolidate them
  • They verified the authenticity of the candidates in multiple ways, such as reference checks and validations on social media
  • They created single spreadsheet with all the relevant profile details.
  • The spreadsheets were sent back to respective requestors by a way of email.
This manual process:
  • Was repetitive and laborious
  • Resulted in loosing quality hires
  • Increased the cost of operations
Business Objectives

Manual extraction from multiple job portals was painful and frustrating. Therefore, following were the objectives at the top level, target being end-to-end automation in profile sourcing with minimum human intervention:

  • Automate extraction of job profiles from job portals
  • Improve response time
  • Optimize operational cost
  • Allow staff to work on business-centric tasks

IntelliBuddies® was chosen to implement the automation needs of the organization. It is currently being used to extract profiles from the job portals. Here is how:

  • IntelliBuddies® Smart Buddy logs into a third-party job portal, fills in all the search parameters based on the job requirements, selects the top profiles based on the selection criteria, and extracts and exports the details into a spreadsheet.
  • IntelliBuddies® Trainer Buddy is being utilized for training the Buddy to understand the Job Description document format. The trained document AI/ML model was then fed into our Smart Buddy to dynamically process Job Descriptions received and extract the job search parameters needed to fetch the profiles from the job portal.
  • Extracted data is aggregated into single spreadsheet.

In summary, IntelliBuddies® is providing end-to-end automation by processing the requests coming through email, extracting the Job Description, searching the profiles from multiple portals, consolidating the profiles, scanning and screening the profile CVs, and responding with detailed list of profiles along with screening recommendations.

Competitive Analysis
  • IntelliBuddies® flexible process definition and packaging mechanism helped the organization seamlessly reach end-to-end automation in phases.
  • IntelliBuddies® document training methodology was straightforward, simple, and business user adaptable, as validated by organization.
  • The two-staged document model - Identification and Extraction, facilitates robust exception handling mechanisms

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