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As for our partners, we spend considerable time thinking "How best can we generate value for them?". And in addition to traditional ways of value generation, we have a unique offering for you - to create your own solutions using expertise you might have earned. What more, we thought it will be best for you to use your own branding for solutions you might develop. Let's say that you would want to digital transform your customers in Accounting fraternity, IntelliAppZ provides you an unique way of creating targeted solutions. You can bundle them into a library, thereby giving you an opportunity to address automation requirements of your end customers.

IntelliAppZ - Made for you

Many have heard about how great RPA is and how it has helped organizations save tons of money. Many have dreamt about how RPA can help transform organizations digitally. Traditional wisdom says, “Thinking big needs bigger investments”. We at IntelliBuddies think that bigger goals are achieved by taking small steps and we are committed to allowing the same when it comes to adopting RPA for organizations. We want organizations to think big, start small and scale faster! Instead of presenting some numbers based on the experiences, we should allow...

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IntelliAppZ - your window to Custom Digital Solutions

Icing on the cake is that you can create solutions that can be deployed with single click, and we call it as "One Click Automation - IntelliAppZ!"

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