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Case Studies

Insurance Leads and Campaign Management

Business Challenge

A premium Insurance Agency based in South Carolina, US, received daily leads from a third-party lead generation organization. They used third-party campaign management solutions to cater to their text and email campaigning requirements. They had the following challenges in managing their entire leads and campaign management process manually:

  • Every day, they had to manually extract the leads from the email, segregate them into two separate, text or email, campaign queues based on the information provided by the lead generator
  • They were manually converting the lead data into the format needed by their campaign management solutions
  • They had to manually import the leads into their third-party campaign management solutions, create, and trigger campaigns
  • Prepare and send insurance quotes for the requests received during the campaign
  • The entire process was laborious and, if not handled timely, would lead to loss of a deal
  • Oversights due to human interactions
  • High cost of operations
Business Objectives

The main business objective was to automate their current lead and campaign management processes to eliminate human intervention with zero impact on the existing campaign setup they were using. The other goals included:

  • End to end automation without any human intervention with no burden on employees to learn new tools and technologies
  • Ensuring that the campaign is initiated on time and the responses to the quote requests are sent timely
  • Minimize campaign importing and quote generation errors
  • Minimize operational cost by decreasing resources needed for manual processes
  • Improve staff productivity by reducing monotonous tasks and allowing them to work on business-centric tasks

IntelliBuddies® has automated its lead and campaign management processes to achieve the set objectives. IntelliBuddies® has been deployed to perform the following activities:

  • Our Buddy, daily, reads the leads emails received from the third-party lead generator, downloads the CSV file attached into a processing folder
  • Opens the lead CSV file from the processing folder, extracts all the leads, cleans up the leads belonging to a different state, converts the processed leads into the format required to import into an existing Campaign management solution.
  • Utilizes web automation activities to login into their Campaign management solution portal, imports the leads, creates a new campaign, and initiates it daily
  • Constantly monitors the request for quote received from the potential customers, extracts the details of the customer from the email, stores them inside the Customer database
  • Creates a quote using their pre-existing quote-generation web-based application using web automation, downloads the quote, and responds by email to the requestor with the quote attached.
Competitive Analysis
  • IntelliBuddies® end-to-end automation using Smart Buddy ensures zero human intervention’s customer objective.
  • IntelliBuddies® non-invasive approach by seamlessly working with an existing Campaign management system reduced the need to change the existing infrastructure.
  • IntelliBuddies® solution provided a nonstop performance by handling the request for quotes from the leads and providing an immediate response.
  • IntelliBuddies® implemented custom activities to work with their existing Campaign management solutions to ensure to keep Customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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