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A premier Warehousing Agency, owned and operated by Government of India, is operating more than 400 warehouses with a total storage capacity of 101.44 lakh MT including twenty five Container Freight Stations (CFSs)/ Inland Clearance Depots (ICDs), three Air Cargo Complexes (ACCs), two Inland Check Posts (ICPs) and three Temperature Controlled Warehouses. Warehousing activities of agency includes food grain warehouses, industrial warehousing, custom bonded warehouses, container freight stations, inland clearance depots and air cargo complexes. The agency subscribes to the belief that efficiency, effectiveness and success of the organization depends largely on the skills, abilities and the commitment of the employees. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is laid on the training and development of employees.

Business Challenge

The Training Cell at the Warehouse Agency had the following challenges while planning, scheduling, and executing various aspects of training:

  • Follow up with various stakeholders to nominate employees who will undergo the training.
  • Maintain the training information and nomination in emails and spreadsheets
  • Eliminate prejudice related to training assignments
  • Collect training feedback and analyze training efficiency
  • Manual calculation of the incentives for trainers
Business Objectives

As a part of the overall Human Resource processes automation, implement a seamless solution that utilizes investments in the existing training related processes with the following objectives:

  • Improve productivity by providing the right set of trainings to relevant employees.
  • Eliminate bias while selecting employees for training
  • Incorporate training feedback.
  • Minimize dependency on manual follow-ups.
  • Reduce the burden on the employees to learn new tools and technologies.

IntelliBuddies RDA platform has been used to design and implement automation of the training scheduling and management processes to achieve the set objectives. It has been deployed to perform the following activities:

  • IntelliBuddies workflow integration was used to manage the entire approval flows.
  • Send emails to various Department Heads, Regional Managers, and other stakeholders, requesting nominations for scheduled training
  • Remind stakeholders to ensure on-time nominations
  • Ensure that the same employees are not nominated by different stakeholders.
  • Analyse the incoming nominations and highlight the names that have been repeatedly being nominated by Managers
  • Collect feedback from employees completing training
  • Remind employees to submit the feedback
  • Consolidate the feedback responses and present the dashboard report to the training cell.
  • Rule based, automatic incentive calculations for trainers.

Automation of high volume/low value manual tasks increased efficiency of training cell and also streamlined processes. It reduced the time needed and removed prejudice in selection of trainees for various programs. Automated collection and analysis of training feedback improved quality of trainers. Thus IntelliBuddies RDA platform was able to increase overall efficiency of training cell of the Warehouse Agency.

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