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RPA in Public Sector

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If you are heading IT for a Public Sector Unit, you may have figured that different departments are often spending substantial amount of time on their IT-enabled systems than required, in turn resulting in budget and time overruns for your team and other departments as well. This is primarily due to low-value mundane tasks that unfortunately restrict them from focusing on their primary tasks. Added, dwindling staff numbers, non-approvals for hiring and on-time, and reliance on 3rd party contractors will result in a no-win situation.

Public Sector

Let’s take examples of Human Resource Management, Training, Budget Allocation, and many more. Each one of these activities requires extensive paperwork, manual updates, routine follow-ups, multi-tier approvals, and regular reports at every level of the setup, among others. Most of these mundane tasks are highly repetitive in nature and manual efforts are a waste of resources and error-prone. Inadequate staffing magnifies the problem many folds and dependency on contractors is budget intensive.

You would rather have your full-time staff oversee their core operations, meet KPIs, meet departmental goals, ensure employee/customer satisfaction metrics are met, and reduce dependency on contract staff, thus optimizing the overall utilization.

Therefore, the question in front of you is how do we get there with minimal disruption and investment?

You may now be asking, HOW?

The answer is it will take a new and different approach. One where automation becomes the cornerstone of your IT echo system that is key to the performance of all the departments. All you would now need to do is figure out where low-value time is being spent by your staff in various departments and, with minimal time and expense, digital automation (DA) can take over. The IntelliBuddies RDA platform combines the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & ML and Business Process Automation (BPA) tools as one bundle. This not only allows leaders to automate their low-value/high-volume tasks but also, introduces workflows and AI & ML to realize the full potential of digital automation. Unlike other automation platforms, the IntelliBuddies RDA platform doesn’t require a huge time and cost investment and best of all can be easily set up and managed by implementing digital automation in the Public Sector.

Public Sector

Many automation possibilities within Public Sector

  • Payroll Processing

    Buddies can simplify the process due to its ability to collect and connect the data between multiple systems such as HR and employee management, time tracking, accounts payable, and general ledger

  • Citizen Service Request

    Buddies can automate in handling of citizen service requests, such as pothole repair, streetlight maintenance, and public property issues, improving response times and service quality. Buddies can help monitor changes in regulations and compliance requirements and sending notifications to relevant departments ensuring timely follow-up and actions.

  • Travel & Expense Management

    Buddies can consolidate incoming expense reimbursement request, verify details and make the entire process of expense management smooth.

  • Accounts Payable

    Buddies can process all incoming invoices using state-of-art AI/ML model. It can also help in Vendor setup, PO entry, cross checking invoices against PO, Payment reconciliation, monitor duplicate invoices or payments.

  • Budget Automation

    Buddies can help in collecting budget requirements from different departments, perform complex calculations and help finance team to build companies budget.

  • Financial Reporting

    Buddies can prepare and maintain reports related to balance sheets, Income statements, P&L and regulatory reports.

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