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Automation in the Automotive industry is not new for a wide variety of assembly-line processes and tasks. Industrial robots have helped vehicle manufacturers produce hundreds of cars per day while improving quality, efficiency with minimum cost and time. However, there are significant gaps and therefore, automation opportunities exist outside the scope of assembly lines too. For example, we see greater automation scope in other lines of business such as Dealer Management, Customer Relations Management, Finance, Supply Chain, Insurance claims, and more.

RPA can also help configure virtual full-time equivalents (FTE) to automate moving data from multiple input sources, such as emails and databases onto spreadsheets, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). A conversant RPA platform provides AI and ML capabilities thereby acting as an enabler for learning management systems.

IntelliBuddies® is an AI & ML infused RPA platform that can increase organizational efficiency while improving customer satisfaction and minimizing operational risks. You can easily meet your KPIs with minimal efforts.

Vehicle Shipment Process

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Fleet Management Automation

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