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Move over traditional systems, RPA provides 90% or more efficiency!

Over the last decade, Banking and Financial sectors have spent significant time and cost on compliance operations. The voluminous data dealt with by these sectors on day-to-day basis is driving several banks across the world to migrate from their traditional systems towards process automation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an expedient engine that could meet the pressing demands of the Banking and Finance sector. Ability to do more with fewer resources is driving these sectors to look for better ways to boost productivity. Maintenance expenses are one of the focus areas in Banking and Financial sectors. Adopting RPA can extensively reduce the operating costs by up to 70 percent.

Implementation of RPA in Banking and Finance minimizes errors and human efforts to a great extent. It can deliver better compliance, mitigate risks, and increase customer satisfaction. Due to its inherent capability of working on top of existing infrastructure and a low-code solution approach, RPA makes it a suitable candidate to be adopted and deployed.

IntelliBuddies® is an AI & ML infused RPA platform that can increase organizational efficiency while improving customer satisfaction and minimizing operational risks. It can help save you time and cost, efficiently process transactions and in an error-free manner, and last but least create tasks and processes in the express mode, which means it is 90% quicker than before.

Faster Mortgage Processing with RPA

Loan processing is a fully process-oriented and mission-critical prerogative for financial institutions, and it is one of the essential activities in the banking and financial services industries. Read more...

Account Closure Process in Banking

The number of account closure requests that banks have to deal with monthly is enormous. One reason is the non-compliance on the part of the clients in the submission of mandatory documents. Read more...

General Ledgers and RPA in Banking

If you ask any finance professional involved in the account reconciliation process, they will tell you that matching payments and incoming transactions against the general ledger are a tedious Read more...

Credit Card Processing in Banking

Earlier, approving credit card applications was a time-consuming procedure that took weeks to verify consumer details and accept credit cards. Customers were often dissatisfiedRead more...

Customer service with Real-Time information updates

Banks deal with multiple queries from every day account information to application status to balance data. It becomes difficult for banks to respond to enqueries with low turnaround time.Read more...

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