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RPA in Automotive

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If you are heading IT for an automobile company, you may have figured that different departments are often spending a substantial amount of time on their IT-enabled systems than required, in turn resulting in budget overruns for your team and other departments as well. It will also call into question the company’s efficiency objectives. This is primarily due to low-value mundane tasks that unfortunately restrict them from focusing on their primary tasks.

IntelliBuddies takes the driver's seat in revolutionizing the automotive / car industry automation through cutting-edge AI RDA automation platform solutions using RPA, BPA and AI and ML. As the automotive landscape undergoes a transformative shift towards increased efficiency and innovation, our AI RDA automation technologies play a pivotal role in streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.


Let’s take the example of the Fleet Management process. Employees have the privilege to avail of company cars as a part of their entitlement. Fleet Controller must manually match vehicles based on set parameters, calculate the benefit and upgrade prices, share day-end reports with the Finance team, supervise the assignment of vehicles due for replacement and maintenance, manage service requests and more. This will almost always keep the Fleet Controller and team on the boil. And there’s a good possibility of mismatch leading to undesirable results. Let’s take another example of Vehicle Buyback. Preparation of paperwork and verification of customer and vehicle details are time-consuming and repetitive. It will easily frustrate the buyback team. And we can find similar low-value highly repetitive work across all departments that turns out to be the Achilles’ heel of the automobile industry.

You would rather have them oversee their departmental core operations, meet KPIs, remedy employee/customer complaints promptly, ensure employee/customer satisfaction metrics are met, and most importantly work with your team to prepare requirements that objectively meet their IT needs, while being able to achieve departmental goals. Therefore, the question in front of you is how do we get there with minimal disruption and investment?

You may now be asking, HOW?

The answer is it will take a new and different approach. One where automation becomes the cornerstone of your IT echo system that is key to the performance of all the departments. All you would now need to do is figure out where low-value time is being spent by your staff in various departments and, with minimal time and expense, digital automation (DA) can take over. The IntelliBuddies RDA platform combines the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI & ML and Business Process Automation (BPA) tools as one bundle. This not only allows leaders to automate their low-value/high-volume tasks but also, introduces workflows and AI & ML to realize the full potential of digital automation. Unlike other automation platforms, the IntelliBuddies RDA platform doesn’t require a huge time and cost investment and best of all can be easily set up and managed across all your departments with digital automation in Automotive Industry.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, IntelliBuddies RPA Automation stands out as a game-changer, streamlining processes and driving efficiency like never before. With IntelliBuddies Automation leading the charge, automotive companies are experiencing unprecedented levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Car Industry Automation

Many automation possibilities within Automotive industries

  • Vehicle Buyback

    Vehicle buyback requires lot of verification and paperwork. Our buddies can help customer care team to make this process faster, smoother and efficient

  • Parts Stock Management

    For better customer experience , as part of the overall SCM, sufficient Vehicle parts needs to stored in various service stations. Our buddies can keep an eye on these stocks and ensure that the thresholds are maintained

  • Dealer Data Management

    Dealers needs to provide various details related to customer floor visit, enquiries, sales, services etc to head offices. Most of the time they end up in double keying in these details in their internal system as well as HO system. Our buddies can collect this details and ensure that HO gets the required data on time.

  • Dealer Performance

    Monitor dealership to ensure the satisfactory performance from them and identify dealerships that need assistance in marketing and sales. Our buddies can collected details from dealer visits and review key matrix’s and suggest improvements to Dealer Management team.

  • Vehicle Shipments

    Our buddies can help in easing the process of inward vehicle shipments by consolidating the data and making required entries in various systems such as ERP and fleet system.

  • Marketing and Sales Analysis

    Our AI & ML enabled buddies can review last 5-10 years data and predict consumer behavior and color choices to ensure that marketing and sales team spent their efforts in right direction.

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